Informatics Undergradute Courses

INFO 320 Technical and Social Perspectives on Search (5)
Fundamentals of search including data acquisition and processing, index construction, query processing, ranking and display. Covers building a customized search service, search engine optimization, individual and social perspectives on search. Prerequisite: CSE 142; INFO 343 (may be taken concurrently).

INFO 330 User Experience and Information Architecture (5) 
Introduction to the methodologies utilized to create a user interface. Discusses user experience (UX), what makes an interface effective, and provides an overview of the tools and theories that are foundational to Information Architecture (IA). Discusses project scoping, wireframes, sitemaps, information design and formulating a UX strategy. Prerequisite: minimum grade of 2.0 in INFO 360.

INFO 431 Metadata Design (3) 
Explores principles of metadata schema and application profile design and implementation using XML technologies. Examines syntactic and semantic interoperability among diverse schemas and application profiles. Prerequisite: INFO 330; INFO 340.

INFO 433 Content Strategy in Information Architecture (4) 
Introduces key concepts in understanding the content lifecycle in context of an organization's web, mobile, and other communication channels. Provides knowledge of key theories and principles in information architecture and practical application of skills including user research; information collection and analysis; and information organization and presentation.

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