iSchool Interdisciplinary Courses

INFX 531 Metadata Design (3)
Design principles of metadata schemas and application profiles -- implementation of interoperable application profiles using XML technology. Focuses on achieving syntactic and semantic interoperability among diverse metadata schemas and application profiles. Prerequisite: either LIS 530 or IMT 530; INFX 542; or instructor' s permission.

INFX 532 Ontology Design (3) 
Studies semantic interoperability among different metadata schemas and ontologies. Elaborates on concepts and technology related to Topic Maps, RDF Schema, and Web Ontology Language (OWL) to achieve advanced and semantic data modeling of complex data that exist in the real world. Prerequisite: INFX 531 or instructor' s permission.

INFX 536: Metadata for Interactive Media (3)
Explore new ideas and approaches for organizing and providing access to interactive media, particularly from a user-centered perspective. Design and conduct formative and evaluative user studies employing various qualitative and quantitative methods to determine information needs and seeking behaviors of various stakeholders in one or more interactive media domains.

INFX 537 Construction of Indexing Languages (4) 
Exploration of the design, construction, evaluation, and maintenance of controlled indexing languages, including studies of how users are integrated into the design process. Through completion of thesaurus construction project, prepares students to design index languages, plan and implement a design project, and evaluate indexing languages. Credit/no credit only. Prerequisite: LIS 530.

INFX 538 Metadata Design Studio (4) 
Principles, skills and practices in the conceptualization and implementation of metadata systems with a focus on semantic web. Project-based exploration of domain and abstract data modeling, attribute/value space definition, and machine encoding decision. Prerequisite: either LIS 530 or IMT 530; INFX 542; or permission of instructor.

INFX 542 Information Structures Using XML (4) 
Introduces the concepts and methods used to analyze, store, manage, and present information and navigation. Equal weight given to understanding structures and implementing them. Topics include information analysis and organizational methods as well as XML and metadata concepts and application. Prerequisite: INFX 503.

INFX 543 Relational Database Management Systems (4) 
Introduction to relational database design and development theory, concepts and skills, including traditional transactional database theory, architecture, and implementation in a user-centered systems context using SQL. Introduces database modeling, security, and privacy issues. Prerequisite: INFX 502 or permission of instructor.

INFX 544 Information Retrieval Systems (3) [same as INSC 544]
Introduction to theory and models in information retrieval and the systems for storage and retrieval of unstructured information. Examines information retrieval architectures, processes, retrieval models, query languages, and methods of system evaluation, methods and tools for document analysis, interfaces, and usability.

INFX 563 Advanced Relational Database Management Systems (4) 
Advanced relational database design and development theory using SQL, concepts and skills. Topics include advanced T-SQL; backup and recovery; and triggers and reporting services. Prerequisite: INFX 501; INFX 543.

INFX 571 Research Seminar (2-4, max. 10) [when led by a KO faculty member] 
Students work in teams under the supervision of individual faculty members to engage in research or design activities and learn through hands-on participation and study. Learning activities include data collection, data analysis, building prototypes, testing or evaluation, or dissemination activities.