Teaching and Research Faculty

Robert Boiko
Bob Boiko is a Senior Lecturer for the iSchool. He teaches social networking technologies, information architecture, and system design. He is founder and CEO of LearnTogether, Inc.; President of Metatorial Services, Inc.; the author of 4 books; and is an internationally known speaker.
Allyson Carlyle
Allyson Carlyle is an Associate Professor Emerita at the Information School. Her primary research areas are evaluation and use of online catalogs, conceptual foundations of descriptive cataloging, and document modeling for library catalogs.
Mike Doane
Mike teaches three courses: IMT 535 Information Architecture with a focus is on fundamental aspects of both front-end design and back-end systems to support website design enabled by a content management system; IMT 530 - Organization of Information Resources, with a focus on the theory, planning and development of taxonomies and ontologies for web sites. Included study of metadata development, taxonomic structures, relationship mappings and user focused information findability; and LIS 584 - Kn
Trent Hill
Trent Hill is a Senior Lecturer for the iSchool. He teaches courses in knowledge organization, thesaurus construction, human information behavior, and instructional design. His published research is on the history and concept of “genre” in music as well as its relationship to classification systems. Additionally, he directs the iSchool’s Denmark Exploration Seminar program.
Jin Ha Lee
Jin Ha Lee is an Associate Professor and the MLIS Program Chair at the Information School in University of Washington, and the director of the GAMER (GAME Research) Group. Her research interests include: music, game, and multimedia information seeking and retrieval, information organization and access, and knowledge representation.
Cheryl Metoyer
Cheryl A. Metoyer is an Associate Professor Emeritus and the Director of the Indigenous Information Research Group (IIRG) at the iSchool. She is also an Adjunct Associate Professor Emeritus in American Indian Studies. Dr. Metoyer's research interests include indigenous systems of knowledge with an emphasis on American Indian and Alaska Native tribal nations; information seeking behaviors in cultural communities; and ethics and leadership in cultural communities.
Carole Palmer
Carole Palmer is a Professor and Associate Dean for Research at the iSchool and works in the areas of data curation and digital research collections. Her research is aimed at advancing data services, especially for interdisciplinary inquiry. In this era of “big data,” she is particularly interested in optimizing the reuse value of small data and access to open data across disciplines.
Stuart Sutton
Stuart Sutton, Associate Professor Emeritus, conducts research in the areas of metadata and networked information discovery and retrieval, technology-mediated teaching and learning, cognition and the information seeking behavior of discourse communities, mental models in information system design, and the law and policy of intellectual property. He teaches in the areas of information law and policy, legal informatics, and the organization of information.
Joseph Tennis
Joseph T. Tennis is an Associate Professor at the Information School. The focus of his research is classification theory. This subfield of Information Science is concerned with the evaluation of classification practices and structures. Classification theory critiques these processes and structures in order to improve existing systems and future system design. Theorists can critique these systems from a number of viewpoints.
Jevin West
Jevin West builds models, algorithms and interactive visualizations for understanding the flow of information in large knowledge networks. Two particular areas of interest are scholarly communication and intellectual property. Jevin co-founded Eigenfactor.org (www.eigenfactor.org) -- a free website and research platform for mapping science and identifying influential papers, journals and scholars. He is also a member of DataLab, the nexus for research on Data Science and Analytics.