Ph.D. Graduate Courses

INSC 535 Classification Theory (3) [same as LIS 535] 
Survey of classificatory principles from bibliographic, philosophical, socio-cognitive, and linguistic perspectives. Overview of history of bibliographic classification and exploration of some existing bibliographic classification systems. Ramification of theoretical approach for classification practice. Prerequisite: LIS 530. Offered: jointly with LIS 535. 

INSC 538 Seminar in Information Organization (4)
Seminar on information organization, focusing on any area of information organization, including, classification theory, metadata, document theory, information organization in information systems; social and political aspects of classification, controlled vocabularies, and cataloging history. 

INSC 544 Information Retrieval System (3) [same as INFX 544]
Covers theories and models in information retrieval (IR) and reviews user-centered and system-centered approaches. Issues involved in the design, development and evaluation of IR systems are examined including: methods and tools for document analysis, retrieval techniques, search engines, interfaces, usability, evaluation. Offered: jointly with INFX 544. 

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