Knowledge Organization Courses at the UW iSchool

Knowledge organization (or information organization) is a broad term that covers the following areas: metadata, taxonomy, classification, cataloging, indexing, abstracting, information architecture. The following areas include aspects of KO: user experience, archives, museum studies, information retrieval.

  • KO courses are available in all iSchool programs, with prefixes beginning INFO, INFX, INSC, IMT and LIS.
  • All iSchool elective courses are open to all iSchool students. Even some core courses may be open if you request permission. 
  • Those who are interested in KO courses should be looking at courses outside of their program as well as inside. Graduate students in particular should pay attention to courses with an INFX prefix.
  • Some courses require prerequisites. For any course you want to take, pay attention to prerequisites and get them out of the way as soon as possible.